Standard Washers

Wrought Washer is the world’s largest manufacturer of standard washers, special washers and related stampings. We offer a wide selection of in-stock types and sizes for immediate delivery… just click on either type for complete specifications and/or pricing.

The following washer finishes and plating options are available:

Standard Plain Finish on Flat Washers

As an added value and at no extra cost, all plain sizes of USS, SAE, Fender, Mil-Carb, Type B, and Structural Washers are furnished with a rust-resistant treatment.

Flat Washer Plating Options

USS, SAE and Fender washers are carried in stock with commercial zinc plating. Chromate films over zinc are available for special identification purposes and other desired effects. Cadmium, phosphate, mechanical galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, and other finishes are available by special order. Mechanically galvanized items in common sizes are in stock in sizes 1/4″ through 1-1/2″. Other sizes are available on a special order basis.

By implementing an industry-leading quality assurance system, Wrought Washer is able to ensure the highest quality in every product. This includes lot control, statistical process control, gauge control, and an inspection process covering the full production and finishing processes. As a result of this program, Wrought is the industry leader in establishing and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Wrought’s Q.A. system has met quality standards for nuclear construction, ASTM structural code, MIL-SPEC, automotive OEM, SAE and ANSI. The Q.A. department is also available for customer consultation.

Please note Wrought Washer also specializes in manufacturing custom washers, many of which are derivatives of the standard washers below. If your part requirements do not match those shown below just click FREE QUOTE.