Laser Cutting

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Wrought Washer offers short-run laser cutting capability 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For quick turn-around and flexible scheduling to meet short-run and prototype needs, Wrought introduces the latest in computer-controlled laser cutting techniques for around-the-clock production of high-quality flat parts at the most competitive price.

Wrought’s CNC laser high-speed cutting equipment reduces costs. Set-up time is minimal and no tools are required, so up-front costs are greatly reduced. And, the Wrought laser system accommodates 48″x 96″ sheets to save material handling time and design freedom for sizeable part configurations up to 46″x 95″.

As an example of the fast turn-around that laser cutting can offer, parts cut from 1008/1020 or 1050 steel sheet can be produced in just three days. All other materials-medium to high carbon, brass, stainless and aluminum-require just six days for production. Secondary operations such as plating and heat treating can be accomplished in two days for each OSP.

Parts produced from Wrought’s laser system can easily accept tight tolerances and will feature close precision on lines and curves. Material thickness ranges from .035 to .770 depending on material type. Minimum O.D. is .730 and I.D. should be 1-1/4 times the material thickness. Logo marking of parts is also available with a minimum letter and/or number height of 5/32″.

Perfect for prototypes, repair parts, pre-production samples and most short-runs of flat parts, Wrought’s laser cutting capability saves time and money by operating more efficiently than conventional machining or stamping systems. Revisions in part designs can be accomplished quickly and inexpensively. We simply reprogram to adjust contours, change slots and move holes.

Be sure to ask for the Wrought Washer laser cutting system to maximize cost reduction and efficiency for short-run requirements.

Here are some basic guidelines that illustrate our close-tolerance part capabilities:

CNC Laser Center:

  • (X) Length = 96″ max., (Y) Width = 48″ max., Thickness = 0.500″ max. (mild steel).