New High-Speed Sorting Machine

August 6, 2018 - Published by Wrought Washer

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Wrought Washer has installed a new, high speed Dunkley size inspection piece of equipment. The Dunkley Mach-10 High Speed Fastener Sorting Machine can sort and inspect a great variety of industrial parts at a blistering pace of 10,000 pieces per minute!

This high speed fastener sorting vision system incorporates software and hardware “building blocks” that enable Wrought Washer to quickly implement a customized solution for gauging, inspection, and identification tasks. The main benefit of the equipment is on-line quality and process control: any irregularity in the production line can be adjusted immediately, which saves costs and avoids downtime.

Installing this new piece of equipment adds a fantastic quality capability to our existing quality and sorting systems, making it easy to adapt to small or large run tasks, high precision measurement capabilities.

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