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Fender Washer Dimensions and How to MeasureFREE QUOTE

Custom Washer Manufacturer Explains How to Measure Fender Washers

As the world’s largest custom washer manufacturer, we get quite a few questions regarding fender washer dimensions and how they should be measured for utmost accuracy.

To serve as your most complete resource we have provided the Workmanship Acceptance Standards for Methods of Measurement, courtesy of the Precision Metalforming Association(Washer Division).

Measuring Fender Washer Dimensions:

  • Outside Diameter (O.D.): For measuring the outside diameter, use micrometer at shear or burnished land.
  • Inside Diameter (I.D.): For measuring the inside diameter, use plug gauges.
  • Flatness: The flatness measurement only pertains to flat washers. These types of washers must pass between 2 parallel surfaces whose distance is equal to the allowable material tolerance, plus the allowed flatness tolerance.
  • Burr: One should use a dial indicator, which will not crush the burr, to provide the most accurate reading due to minimal amount of pressure.

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