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Wrought Washer LocationsWhether it is from our factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin or one of our many warehouse locations, you can count on Wrought Washer to deliver your order when, how and where you want it.

Looking for Reliable Quality and Service on Standard Washers? Here are Some Points of Interest.

Wrought's Warehouses Are Ready For Your Order.

Getting your share of high strength fasteners can be a purchasing nightmare, especially if you need them tomorrow. Not so when you tap into Wrought Washer's warehouse network. We'll fill your order for immediate pick-up or shipment from the Wrought warehouse nearest you.

Conveniently located in Wisconsin, North Carolina, California, Dallas and Houston, our stocked warehouses give you quick access to high quality fasteners like F436 structurals, Mil-Carbs and MC2 thick washers and competitively priced imported Grade 2 washers.

The Wrought warehouse network... a true haven for standard fasteners.

Contact one of our warehouses today to get 1-day service and receive prepaid freight for orders over 500 pounds within 250 miles of a warehouse.




Houston Warehouse
The Lawless Group
Stafford, Texas
Contact: Doug Machalec
Phone: 281 491 0353
Fax:       281 491 0367
E-Mail: orders@lawlessgroup.com

Dallas Warehouse
The Lawless Group
Dallas, Texas
Contact: Andrew Hoover
Phone: 972 247 8871
Fax:       972 620 1147
E-Mail: orders@lawlessgroup.com

Charlotte Warehouse
International Fasteners
Charlotte, North Carolina
Contact: Bruce Farrington
Phone: 704 521-6007
Fax:       704 521-6009
E-Mail: bruce@daggerz.com

California Warehouse
C & A Distribution Inc.
La Mirada, California
Contact: Mike Obradovich
Phone: 800 558 5217
Fax:       414 482 0144
E-Mail: mikeo@wroughtwasher.com

Factory Shipments
Wrought Washer Manufacturing
Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin
Contact: Mike Obradovich
Phone: 800 558 5217
Fax:       414 482 0144
E-Mail: mikeo@wroughtwasher.com