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Wrought Washer specializes in manufacturing custom washers, many of which are derivatives of our standard washers. For a FREE QUOTE on custom washers just click the orange button at the right.

Custom Washer CapabilitiesWhen your application calls for a very specific product, Wrought Washer has the experience and capabilities to meet your needs for custom washers and stampings. Custom does not have to mean expensive or long lead times, our in-house machining and tooling will help keep expenses down and lead times short to get you the custom washers you need within your budget.

Custom Washer Capabilities-Second to None!

In-House Tool and Die: Wrought Washer has built hundreds of thousands of sets of tools which produce parts of all shapes and sizes. This inventory allows us to either create your custom washers with an existing die, or we can create quick modifications to these dies to meet your needs. When all else fail, we have the ability to create a brand new die to meet the needs of your custom washers and stampings. Learn more about our in-house tool and die capabilities.

Stamping: Some Products have washer-like configurations with differing functionality from a traditional washer. We have the capability to modify existing designs to meet your needs. Learn more about our stamping capabilities.

In-House Heat Treating: If you need your custom washers to be heat-treated, Wrought Washer provides in-house heat treating including case hardening, carbonitride, quenching and tempering. Learn more about our in-house heat treating capabilities.

Custom Washer Finishes: Not all washers look alike, whether it be shape, size or appearance. Wrought Washer can create your custom washers and stampings with a variety of finishes. From zinc, copper, nickel and tin plating to anodizing on aluminum and passivation of stainless steel and much, much, more! Learn more about our custom washer finishes.

Laser Cutting: Not all projects require long-run production, and custom washers and stampings are no different. Wrought Washer’s CNC laser high-speed cutting equipment allows for quick turn-around and flexible scheduling to meet short-run and prototyping needs for custom washers. Learn more about our laser cutting capabilities.

Raw Materials: Wrought Washer stocks over 8 million pounds of raw materials of various grades and gauges. This helps keep costs down and lead times short where other manufacturers need to order custom materials and wait for their arrival before beginning your custom washer project. Learn more about the raw materials we stock.

Machining: Take your custom washers project from start to finish all at a single source. With our CAD/CAM services, Wire EDM Cutting, CNC Machining, CNC Turning and CNC Laser centers, we can handle all aspects of your custom washer project in our QS-9000 certified facility. Learn more about our machining capabilities.

Optical / Laser Sorting: Wrought Washer has a quality and cost effective way to ensure that your parts are within near-zero defects. Our laser/optical sorting machines can process a wide range of dimensions and tolerances. Learn more about our optical and laser sorting capabilities.

Customized Packaging: With our customized packaging options, your product arrives at your door, ready to ship to your customer. We handle packages both small and large. Learn more about our customized packaging capabilities.